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    Hackathon Digital Construction – Construction gives a try to Hackathon!

    The Construction Confederation Brussels-Capital opened registrations for the first Belgian hackathon dedicated to construction: Hackathon Digital Construction.
    The hackathon is an increasingly common practice. Since 2011, more than 130 hackathons have been organised in field as varied as health (prevention, suicide, epilepsy) or smart cities (Citizens of Wallonia).

    What is a hackathon?

    The word is derived from the terms of hack and marathon, a run for speed and endurance. It is in a collaborative perspective. At the beginning solely dedicated to the digital world, it put developers in competition, organised or not in teams, to produce in a short time (generally 2 days) the prototype of an innovative project. The most promising are selected and their development evolves towards the creation of start-ups.

    Today, the concept has been widened. If it always matched to a digital component, it calls upon plural expertise whose collaboration in team brews wider competences.

    Why construction?

    We are permanently connected to our smartphone, the BIM is gradually gaining a place in offices and companies whether under legal constraint or the intuition of a real bargain. Artificial intelligence has crossed the threshold of our homes. The digital revolution is a given. Yet all too often, surveys still show construction at the bottom of the numerical integration ranking. It is time to turn this tool into a force for the sector and its companies. The creation of start-ups with their innovative projects, possibly developed during a hackathon, is a promising method. The Construction Confederation has identified all the opportunities.

    Who participate?

    Everyone! Everyone? Yes, all those who are enthusiastic, motivated, creative, bold, organized, strategists, … who want to participate, to take up challenges, to cooperate, to share their skills, to undertake!

    In this hackathon, registration can be done individually or as a team. Employees, entrepreneurs, start up, students, programmers, salesperson, … Each group will be formed during the event to get profiles from all horizons working together, unless you already come as a team. This meeting of various talents will enable each group to develop in less than 48 hours a concrete project that meets the real needs of the various players in the construction sector. Therefore, the groups are supported by experts who guide them throughout the exercise.

    All ideas are welcome! The best ideas will be selected at Friday night and will be developed, throughout the week-end, by the groups.

    This Hackathon Digital Construction will take place in Brussels, close to the Central Station, from 20th to 22th April 2018. Want to be part of the adventure? Construction companies are waiting for you!

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